Steven Perreau has extensive IT experience in New Zealand and Australia.

Steven started in IT as a junior at Commodore Computers part time in 1985-1986 working on Commodore CPM Business Machines.

Next Steven worked for Amstrad Computers part time 1986-1987 setting up computers for education.

~1998 Steven started in Target Computers as junior assistant and quickly became the lead technical engineer, designing, implementing and supporting PC's for business. Here Steven started in networking working on TopWare ARCNet networks which pre date the modern ethernet switched networks we see today. The internet just started during this period and antivirus slowly became a necessity.

Steven joined Terry Perreau (snr) and Computer & Network Solutions (aka CNS) was started in March 1994. CNS grew from 2 to a staff of 19, offices in Auckland, Wellington,  Christchurch and Sydney with a turn over exceeding 2.5 million.

Steven resigned as a Director of CNS in November 2013 and formed Bright Tech Limited.