IT Consulting
& Services

Bright Tech Limited is an IT Consultancy company that specialises in:

  • Microsoft Server Solutions

  • IT Security (firewalls, VPNs, 2 factor authentication, wireless security)

  • Network switching with particular emphasis on layer 3 routing

  • WLAN - Enterprise grade wireless solutions

  • Server infrastructure (storage, clustering, high availability)

  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony solutions

  • Wireless (WLAN) problem solving, coverage mapping, enhancement, security

Bright Tech is about getting the right IT, working for you. Often we see IT dictating what and how a company operates, when it should be the other way around.

Great IT functions as a service arm to the core function of the business. IT's job is make the company work smarter, faster and more efficiently so it can get on with the core job of the company (selling, ecucation, service, etc).
Bright Tech Limited is founded by Steven Perreau. See about us for more information about Steven.

Our Services

Cloud Solutions

In house, public cloud, private cloud.

Should you have a mix?

What's best for you?

Disaster Recovery

There's simply no point in paying for Disaster Recovery (DR) if during a disaster it doesn't actually work!


Get a champion on your side!

Get proper advice, aligned to your business, not cluttered and slanted for the best benefit of your incumbent IT or Managed Service Provider.

Network Solutions

One size does not fit all.

However, they are many similarities and common themes which we draw on in developing the right solution for you.